DJ BSR’s love for electronic music started in de late eighties / eary nineties. Almost immediately he felt the need to start producing himself. He bought his first gear in 1991 and never really stopped making music. With a strong love for the 303 sound, hardcore/gabber, acid techno and hardtrance were his main genres at that time. Nowadays he doesnt think too much in genres, but if asked, he would probably say techno. But the past inspires him till this very day, so that’s what you will hear in most of his music. Whether it’s in his own productions or his mixes. A combination of the past and modern sound. Coming from the heart, made with full of passion and the way he wants it to sound. Bringing joy to himself and to others. That will always be the drive for him to make music.

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Musho is a talented and innovative musical artist who has been making a significant impact in the realm of electronic music. With a fusion of creativity, technical prowess, and a deep understanding of sound, Musho’s music resonates with listeners on a profound level.
Embracing various genres such as techno, house, and electronica, Musho crafts tracks that are characterized by their mesmerizing rhythms, intricate melodies, and a distinct sonic signature. His music effortlessly transports listeners to a world where beats and melodies intertwine, evoking a range of emotions and sensations.
Musho’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of his craft is evident in his meticulously produced tracks that showcase a keen attention to detail. Whether it’s his live performances that captivate audiences or his studio productions that leave a lasting impression, Musho’s music is a testament to his artistic vision and innovative approach.
As an artist featured on platforms like Beatport, Musho has been able to connect with a global audience and share his musical creations with enthusiasts around the world. His presence in the electronic music scene is marked by a growing fan base, collaborations with fellow artists, and a commitment to delivering music that resonates deeply with his listeners.
In a world where music serves as a universal language, Musho’s contributions stand out as a testament to the transformative power of electronic soundscapes. Whether you’re seeking to lose yourself in danceable rhythms or explore introspective melodies, Musho’s music provides an immersive and captivating experience that transcends boundaries and connects people through the shared language of sound.

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Sanmar is an independent project aiming at creating a unique sound despite of the genre. The project was initiated by George Ambartsumian dj and producer aka Goga G. Deeply engaging music from early childhood, 7 years of piano as well as self taught drum and percussion. At the age 33 he decided on creating a project dedicated to his children Sandro and Marie.


1. Unpin – Warp
2. Bass Playah – WWW
3. The Soft Machine – It’s Operational (CHIDA Remix)
4. Reflex Blue – Invalid Code
5. Pletnev – Bass Covered With Gold
6. Vegas Soul – Diffusion
7. phazer – What U Do 2 Me (Youandewan Remix)
8. The Visitor – Peggy
9. S.P.Q.R. and Mental Pabvlvm – Mantras
10. Lisine – Cloud Chamber
11. Etnica – Checker Flag
12. Warp 69 – Floating
13. Dr. Walker – Don't FucK With Cologne
14. Naked Ape – This is now
15. Abysm – Future Love
16. Crosby – Schlamm
17. Günce Ac – The Circle Is Not Round
18. Eden Burns – Dance When The
19. Glen S – Most Wanted
20. Erik & Fiedel – Donna

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Ignacio Tardieu, better known as Ignacio TC, is a music producer and DJ from Madrid with over a decade of experience in the sound creation, and is head of the dub techno national scene. The depth, strength, hypnotic atmospheres, delicateness and darkness are their stamps on the tracks that he have released in labels as T3R, SineRecs (own labels), Pong Musiq, True Type, Glider, Meanika, Moira Audio and Kopoc among others. Ignacio TC, which has different akas to publish his tracks, like Norrin Raad, also has been dj resident of famous Madrid club Taboo during one year. Versatile and eclectic as no other, this artist also founded the group The Mixtics, which led him to Convinteto, the most classic underground dancefloor from Budapest, one of his first international booths. His music invites you to travel through the universe and go into a trance, being almost as a ritual with which to give ourselves to the sound vibration made live.

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Dark synthesizers, high bass lines, hypnotic atmosphere, powerful and deep sounds, is the perfect recipe to describe this DJ and producer from South America. What was initially just a hobby, soon became a full-time search, ventured into the universe of underground music finding peculiar, unique and forceful sounds calling their attention, taking it to the Techno scene as an essential for the creation of its tracks and elaboration of its sets, having a great acceptance on the part of the public, taking it this way to participate in several radio shows around the world.

1.Alan Wools – You Gonna Be (Original Mix)
2.The Reactivitz – Ramble (Jay Lumen Afterlife Remix)
3.Hollen – Acidizer (Spartaque Remix)
4.Steam Shape – Eris (Original Mix)
5.Dj Rush, Aitor Ronda – When My Heart Beats (The Reactivitz Remix)
6.Clio – Domina (Original Mix)
7.The Yellowheads – Compass (Original Mix)
8.Microcheep & Mollo, L.A.W.(UK) – Terminal 9.9 (Original Mix)
9.Bart Skils – The Sweep (Original Mix)
10.Skober – Take Your Chance (Original Mix)

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Sanmar is an independent project aiming at creating a unique sound despite of the genre. The project was initiated by George Ambartsumian dj and producer aka Goga G. Deeply engaging music from early childhood, 7 years of piano as well as self taught drum and percussion. At the age 33 he decided on creating a project dedicated to his children Sandro and Marie.


01. Luc Ringeisen Pas a Pas
02. Unknown artist – Buen Ayre
03. Gathaspar – Op. 3
04. AWSI – Mate Cocido
05. Prodot – Rekord
06. NTFO – Dobr
07. Jake Flory – Energize
08. Asvajit – Track A (Daniel Meister Remix)
09. Ben Rau – Gravity
10. Janeret – Abstrakt 9
11. Artes – Rephase
12. Shampoo Douglas – Truth

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01 – Musho – Semitones

02 – M-Twelve – Time

03 – Philippe Petit – Rhino

04 – d_b (Déformation Booléenne) – Désir Obsessionnel

05 – Roger & Rolling – Run Away

06 – Tommy Four Seven – UUU

07 – /DL/MS/ – Exit Ghost

08 – Roger & Rolling – Barracuda

09 – Mumdance, Logos – Hall of Mirrors (Perc & Truss Remix)

10 – Fjaak – Drugs

11 – Sander Klepper – Immortel

12 – DMTR DSTNT, LVRIN – Dead Sunday

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Anthony Brahv, Dj Producer Mexican with a 10 year career in the electronic scene has been dedicated to producing Techno, Progressive, Deep House and Trance. With releases on all digital platforms and sessions in different podcast series in Spain and Mexico, Anthony Brahv is becoming known for his quality as a producer and his technique on the turntables.

01.André Keller – Only The Brave (Original Mix)
02.Vincent VanDamm – Wabi Sabi (Original Mix)
03.Konstantinus – Sandra (Original Mix)
04.LFB X Nova – Plasmic (Original Mix)
05.Diego Straube – Reflects (Original Mix)
06.Cosmic Boys – Talisman (Original Mix)
07.The Reactivitz – Rising (Metodi Hristov Remix)
08.Metodi Hristov – Impuls (Original Mix)
09.Dimi Mechero – Lost Signal (Original Mix)
10.Tias – Space Wars (Original Mix)
11.Shosho Peppou – Werdino (Original Mix)
12.2pole – Wall (Original Mix)

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Sander Klepper was born in 1974 in the Netherlands.He came into contact with dance music in the early 90’s. During this period he visited the larger raves in the Netherlands and started playing at small parties, like Eye on the Future and parties he organized himself. It all started in the hardcore scene but soon he came into contact with the Techno music that came over from England to the Netherlands. After years standing behind the turntables and after a long break he continued his musical journey. Sander picked up the music and also began producing dance music in 2016.That results in his first Techno EP release ” Acid Drop ” in 2017 on the label of Right Music Records.His music style can be described as a combination of deep melodic Techno with influences from progressive house and trance music.Keep in tough with Sander Klepper as more music will follow.So this biography will be continued…

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My first Contact with Techno was in the young age of seven when I listened to Music one of my Brothers where playing in his room, mostly HartHouse und Acid what I would realize later on. Since that moment electronic music and specially Techno was the One Big Love of me. To hear those different kind of “strange” sounds meltin’ together to one piece of energy and emotions loaded Music was the fascinating part behind everything. Playing the first records with 16 at a friends house finally brought me to DJing and my first Recordplayer. Flying a long long time “under the radar” and not really , I already started to produce own tracks. After flying a long long time “under the radar”, and not really connected to the local scene, I used all the time to learn and introduce everything I know till right now, all on my own… but finally things started to gettin’ better and better! Step by tiny Step! For some private party’s playing, being part of an Thursday Evening party, doing livestreams and producing tracks for a really close DJane a good friend introduced to me that time, more and more people start to recognize me and finally Björn del Togno, from the Clubs Silodom and SektorHeimat based in Saarbrücken, offered me a gig on the Easterrave in 2018. So and now we are in 2019 and I played several times in Saarbrücken allready in three clubs, mostly the Closing, Where I perfectly can put the energy I feel over on the dancefloor. Producing became also a big part of my electronic life and I already have a good collection of own Tracks.

01. deSchmid – Running Order
02. UMEK – Hell Archetypes (Original Mix)
03. Erich Von K – Dirty Laundry (Original Mix)
04. Ignacio Arfeli – Love Disorder (Gaston Zani Remix)
05. Zakari & Blange – Mothership
06. Irregular Synth – Don’t Breathe
07. Uakoz – Deep Awake (Original Mix)
08. Giovanni Carozza & Steve Mulder – Primate
09. UMEK & Matt Sassari – Dica
10. Vinicius Honorio – Heartbeat
11. deSchmid – Old Men don´t ….. ääähm, forgott
12. Tiger Stripes – Body Trip

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