Sander Klepper

Published: January 31, 2022 в 12:23 am



Sander Klepper was born in 1974 in the Netherlands. He came into contact with dance music in the early 90's. During this period he visited the larger raves in the Netherlands and started playing at small parties, like Eye on the Future and parties he organized himself. It all started in the hardcore scene but soon he came into contact with the Techno music that came over from England to the Netherlands. After years standing behind the turntables and after a long break he continued his musical journey. Sander picked up the music and also began producing dance music in 2016.That results in his first Techno EP release " Acid Drop " in 2017 on the label of Right Music Records. His music style can be described as a combination of deep melodic Techno with influences from progressive house and trance music. Keep in tough with Sander Klepper as more music will follow. So this biography will be continued...

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