Marino Rispo

Published: June 15, 2022 в 7:56 pm



Marino Rispo was born in Naples 16th June 1975. He moved with his family to the province of Frosinone (Cervaro) where he immediately began an obsessive passion for dance music.
He got a job in the local radio station (Diffusione FM), where he started to demonstrate that his adolescent passion was not only a hobby but became a priority in his life.
After a few years of DJ radio play and private parties, he was offered an opportunity for his first resident night which was organised by a well known promoter group of Cassino, The Club. The group was in charge of organising parties every Friday night in Harem Disco of Tina.
From playing in the successfull Harem Disco every Friday night the main members of the promotor group The Club, set up their own promotor group called Friends, they recognised Marino’s talent and asked him to be a resident DJ in a new club called New York City . Where every Saturday night this group organised one of the most succesfull nights to go out and having Marino as a resident it proved to be, for almost a year, the busiest Saturday in the south Lazio area.
After the adventure with Friends he then moved to be behind the consolle of IL Giona Di Fondi, and then to L’Olimpo (Isernia) , where for two good years he was resident every saturday evening in X-RAY Room, and that residency took him to the consolle of disco bar in Campbasso.
In October of 1998 he took all the knowledge he had experienced over the years and moved to Ireland where for about 6 years he studied the nightlife and entertainment world of Dublin to see what was missing in this busy cosmolpolitan city. And at the right moment in 2004, Marino with his brother Luli and his best friend Gio started a project called Italian Factory… the slogon was “ON A NEW SOUND LEVEL”… and that is exactly what it is…..they have organised many successfull nights in Dublin introducing top Italian DJs to play in this young, busy nightlife city. As they grow over the years they now have a strong team behind them to allow the dream to continue…….
6 Magic Years with the best of the best of Italian and Local Dj’s…International Dj’s, Performers and Crazy Dancers, a very unique Party in the Heart of the Irish Capital. It only took a few years for Marino to bring  his brand around Ireland, and partecipate at major Festivals such as Life, Planet Love, Musical Mystery to name few, Italy and finally Ibiza at The Looking Glass with Pete Tong.
Today the Party is on Stand by, and Marino focuses on Music Production, and to run his 2 labels. (Misolarec Record, Al_Ma Record)
After reaching position #26 in the top 100 Release Beatport chart (February/March 2022) TECHNO (PEAK TIME / DRIVING) with his “Xela ep” out on To The World Music Vibe, he has signed Outgoing tracks on The Acid Mind, Pure Dope Digital, Misolarec Record, Technological Record, Basse Cour Records.

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