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Published: August 25, 2023 в 5:30 pm



Sound artist since 2000. Have already scored a couple of remarkable live performances at Soundspring experimental festival in 2016, Unsound Dislocation: Yerevan in 2018 and Boiler Room Yerevan in 2019.
It's been a whole decade and a lustrum of activity in computer music arts and another decade of activity in performing arts, performing on a flute and on a piccolo. Early motivation and the very first attempts to produce the electronic grooves began from the CD store located right after the building where I have been living during my childhood and that's the only place where I have had a chance to explore the variety of breathtaking records out of late 90's drum and bass culture - an unconditional core of the fundamental self-change which then grown to the long-lasting exploration of electronic music borders by keeping the necessary dynamics within, bringing a sense to go far more than just listening and collecting what other great artists were doing in those busy rave era and finally 56 kbit/s dial-up internet sets the sails to the very first attempts of jamming over the electronic oscillators on the various digital audio workstations of the time. In 2011 I have been invited to perform 2 hours chillout gig at Indian Summer Open Spirit festival in Russia. In 2014 I have had a live performance at Imagining The Future festival, held in ACCEA/NPAK in Yerevan. In 2016 I have been invited to perform live at Soundspring experimental electronic music festival in Batumi, Georgia. In 2018 I've had a concert on Krakow based Unsound festival in Yerevan. In 2019 I've performed live at Boiler Room Yerevan.
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