Bryan Scott

Published: February 20, 2022 в 10:42 am




Bryan Scott has been an avid fan of techno since its beginning, when he discovered the iconic sound of the Roland 303 on classic tracks like Armando’s "Confusion’s Revenge" and Phuture’s "Acid Tracks". Living in the Midwestern United States he immersed himself in the vibrant underground rave scenes in Detroit and Chicago and fell in love with the hard jacking style of Chicago and the techno soul of Detroit. As a DJ he began to share his love for techno, quickly establishing himself as an uncompromising performer behind the decks, with an unrelenting passion for everything from the deepest to the darkest techno. Music production followed and his sound can be as varied as his DJ sets, with an interest in exploring the balance of tension between hard percussive sounds and melodic elements. Whatever it is, you can be certain it will be big sounds meant for the dance floor.

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