Volkan Berg

Published: February 21, 2022 в 8:57 am



Volkan started his dj-ing career on classical MK2 and vinyls end of the 90s in Düsseldorf, Germany. He always loved techno and was early on influenced by artists like Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch, Marco Carola, Umek, Samuel L Session, Chris Liebing and Bryan Zentz that have released on Drumcode, Primate, Zync, Planet Rhythm and Audio. At that time, he played in several clubs, events and radio shows across Germany. In 2017, Volkan started his own production of electronic music, particular focussed on punchy and energetic techno. First official releases are due in 2018 and he is very much looking forward to continously deliver energetic techno to clubs worldwide.

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