Gen Thalz

Published: January 31, 2022 в 5:44 pm



Gen Thalz is a continuous process, a multimedia space of Marlon B. Zoleta from Philippines experimenting with audio-visual even in writings as a means of expression since 2006. Sonically exploring Techno and Harsh Noise and everything in between i.e. the depths, abstraction and minimalism of electronic music and experimental noise in a live performance set up or in the studio (Ex-Nihilo). Believing that there is a hidden spiritual connection between these two umbrellas of sound and the mundane. Picking up whatever it is to pick and use it in everyday life as possible. Also works as a noise gear and synth builder for most of the artists/hobbyists on the scene. Releasing some notable original builds over the years of tinkering like HNW Machine, Cut-Up Noise Thingy, and Trauma.

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