Published: February 28, 2022 в 8:22 pm



I started my bedroom dj career in early nineties on my brother's SL1200 mk2's only later in 2010 i bought my first midi device a reloop digital dj 2 and from there i've fallen in love with djing. A passion was born see my mixcloud with much music mixes on it on later stage. Making music on the other hand i started in 2010 mainly for myself projects that never had a ending the basic fooling around with daws. Things started to change when i had loads of time due to illness and i started experimenting with finishing tracks in Ableton my love of all daw's and giving out demo's. Then Bang Le dex had interest in my tracks in 2017 for a project my first ? still very thankfull for Bang Le'Dex records that they started to see my potential. From then 2017 I started sending/producing more tracks then ever before and I got better in the way. I am still not the professional id like to be but there you go my bio in a nutshell. Currently this year 2018 im tempted to have much more quality releases in the Techn♥ and H♥use genre my most liked genre is Techno because it drives people into a state of mind that no other music in my ears can do.. I Hope to make much more tunes coming year 2018 so stay tuned and keep watching my releases on Beatport or other online retailer's:

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